What Makes Lawsuits Work?

When you approach us about medical malpractice, we go through a process to assess if filing a lawsuit is in your best interests and how to continue with the case. We at Medical Malpractice Lawyers have years of medical malpractice expertise and only take on a limited number of cases. Given the high cost and difficulties of these lawsuits, it is critical to properly assess the chances of victory before filing a lawsuit.

From the start of a case through the conclusion of a judgment or settlement

We consider the degree of the harm caused by the claimed malpractice and when it occurred. The time a person has to launch a medical malpractice case in Toronto is limited by law. It may be difficult to sort out various limitation periods, and a lot of work must be done before a case can be filed. Please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss the applicable restriction dates in your case.

Our attorneys will examine the pertinent medical records and get a preliminary assessment from a qualified medical expert. Because of our significant expertise and legal and medical understanding, we may be able to detect the concerns ourselves in certain cases. In every medical negligence lawsuit, a systematic review of the data contained in medical records is important for success.

We will usually enter into a contingency fee arrangement if the case looks to have substance and meets specific conditions. This means that our fee will proportionate the amount subsequently obtained. There are out-of-pocket charges in addition to our legal fees, such as filing fees levied by the court and, most importantly, expert witness fees. A lawyer from Medical Malpractice Lawyers meets with each client to discuss the fee agreements and out-of-pocket charges.

In Toronto, you may learn about the anatomy of a malpractice case.

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